Summer Bridge Books

The 2014-2015 school year is just about over. Everyone is getting their summer plans ready, vacations, beach days, visits with grandma and grandpa, etc. Kids are getting antsier and antsier, waiting for the day that the final bell releases them for 3 whole months. The kids are ready for summer. They’re ready to sleep in, spend their days outside in the bright sunshine, and stay up as late as they can eating ice cream all the while. This is the part of summer that everyone loves, the fun, the excitement, the joy. The part no one really talks about is the summer learning loss.

Summer learning loss is just as it sounds. During the summer, children are not necessarily being stimulated academically. I’ve certainly fallen victim to this. Every summer I would forget a lot of what I’d just learned the year before. What my teachers spent so much time drilling into my brain suddenly faded out. 

What can be done to stop this? Or at least prevent it? Truthfully there isn’t a whole lot to be done here. The school year has ended, and the kids are not in a classroom every day. Short of homeschooling the kids every day of summer, your options are limited.

Luckily, Learning Express Toys of Lake Zurich is here to help. We have a wide variety of homework books, flash cards, as well as Summer Bridge Books. 

Summer Bridge Books are a great way to prevent Summer learning loss. These books are written based off of the school curriculum. There are sections of the books, covering Math, Reading, Writing, and more. Designed grade by grade, they’re made to bridge the gap between school years. They take what children have already learned, and challenge them to go a little bit further in order to prepare them for the next school year. The Summer Bridge Books range from PreK all the way up to 8th grade. 

These books will help your children stay on top of their schooling. If they even just do one page of their Summer Bridge Book a day. Do your part to prevent Summer learning loss. Your kids don’t have to give up their summer, just 15 minutes a day, one page at a time.


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