Fidget Toys: Don’t get stressed

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Cubes, Spinners, Chains, Controllers are just the start of this new hot toy fad/trend that is for all ages, genders and personalities. Stuck on shelves for years these items have been around but due to social media they have blown up. Just about every person is interested in something within this category. There are many brands and styles available so you will need some guidance. A spinner is not a spinner is not a spinner. It boils down to personal preference. Sort of like buying a pair of sneakers, the fit, the brand, the style, the use, and of course price. How do you choose?

Well, we have tested many and with 100 store owners across the US we talk and have found quality wins(usually every time). Here are 8 things to know about choosing a high-quality fidget spinner;

  1. Most people want a smooth, quiet, long spin. That comes from small center bearings known as R188 bearings (used in yo-yos).
  2. Ceramic hybrid center bearings provide the smoothest spin. These ball bearings are coated in ceramic. The more ceramic, the higher quality the spinner. Higher quality bearings are more costly.
  3. Steel ball bearings are less expensive and less durable. When steel ball bearings roll against a steel collar, it causes heat and friction that ultimately can cause the spinner to break after a lot of use.
  4. Larger center bearings known as 608 bearings (used in skateboards) have friction and make a louder noise. Some people like this sensory vibration.
  5. Aluminum alloy metal fidget spinners offer ninja-like speed, spin the longest and are quietest (best for school).
  6. High-quality tri-spinners are precision balanced, slower and heftier than the metal spinners and allow you to do certain tricks.
  7. Look for caps. Spinners without caps can’t spin on the table, and the exposed bearings can get dirty. Some people prefer no caps, and are soothed by the feeling on their fingertips.
  8. Extra features like glow-in-the-dark, LEDs, patterns, and different shapes and colors make fidget spinners highly collectible!

12 sided cube

Here are 3 things to know about choosing a high-quality fidget cube;

  1. Check that all the sides work! Low-quality cubes sometimes have buttons that don’t click, wheels that don’t roll or joysticks that don’t move in all directions.
  2. The stress cube should feel good in your hand. Look for a velvet finish, instead of hard, noisy plastic. This is especially important for the worry stone side – you want it to feel satisfying to rub!
  3. Cubes vary in noise level. Since most people want fidget cubes for school, work or other places where you need to be quiet, check whether any of the sides can be pressed or rolled silently.

For the most comforting, concentration-improving and anxiety-soothing fidgeting, you want high-quality fidget toys that last. We’ve got your fidgeting needs covered.

Don’t forget, you can always ask our Toy Experts at your local Learning Express Toys for advice on choosing your perfect fidget items! We all work together to find the perfect toy.


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