Getting Ready for Christmas


Never can start too early!

A lot of work has already gone into the 2017 holiday season and it must, if you are going to pull off a solid and profitable year.  It all started in February at Toy Fair in New York when we debriefed after the 2016 season and scouted for new and unique toys for this year. Then over the last 2 1/2 months our Corporate buying team, with store owner input, has developed our secret Santa list that will be transformed into our fall and holiday catalog pieces. Of course this all must be done while managing the current business and forecasting some products sight unseen. There is risk and you never bat 1000, but…..working together with our vendor partners, knowing our customers, gaging the economy and developing exclusive products we are confident in our ability to hit a homerun. It is our 30th year for our Franchise and my 21rst Holiday season and together we have done pretty well serving our children and families around the country.

There is risk, however, and that is why the toy industry is so difficult. I often quote, if it is so easy, why don’t you see a lot more toy stores?  So, managing risk, while adeptly jumping on hot trends and products, is a formula that yields good results. Take the latest Spinner craze—this started overnight in March and hit a peak in late April and while strong has people saying when will it end?  Some retailers aren’t even in yet.

SPINNERSQUAD (1)-page-001

So, we will now start executing our buying, staging deliveries, ads, pricing and promotions all gearing us to be successful with our strategy of best Team, best Products, delivered in a WOW experience. Let me end with, I am very excited about the toy pipeline–it is strong, unique and working with the top toy companies in the world, I am confident Santa will deliver in 2017. Now on to Easter/Spring 2018.




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