Summer Doldrums? Not here.

The doldrums is a colloquial expression derived from historical maritime usage, which refers to those parts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean affected by the Intertropical Convergence Zone, a low-pressure area around the Equator where the prevailing winds are calm. Here at Learning Express Toys we are anything but calm.

Why?  To get ready for the holidays all the planning and execution needs to be done by July. Orders placed, ads designed, events planned and sale dates noted. Staffing of the team needs to be geared up and planned as does the space to store stock so we won’t run out on December 24th. Training dates are set, vendor shipments confirmed and testing of new toys is all underway for a solid, if not very good 2017 holiday season.


The year has started off with a bang. The fidget Spinner craze was one of the largest and certainly the quickest spike in sales we have ever witnessed. Even in July Spinner sales are in our top 5 sellers. Then came Squishies, a collectible soft toy in differing shapes. Huge in Japan for 2 years now and making its way to the US. This also has been strong for us over the last 2 months. But, wait!  The toy pipeline is solid for the next 12 months. In fact, I can’t remember a time that the pipeline has had this much quality and potential. Here is what we see;  “get your pens out or iPad to make notes for Christmas”

Build Bonanza aka Lego tape— building tape for 3D builds. Up, down and across any surface. Lego Tape

Magic Fairy and Wizard Wands from Cepia Toys–a real WOW.

Pink wand 2 pkg

Little Live Pets expansion of turtles, birds, babies and plush.


Fingerlings-a UK Top Toy by WowWee Toys coming to the US.   Fingerlings are adorable Baby Monkeys that are curious about the world around them starting with you! fingerlings


SmartGurlzSmartGurlz Siggy is a self-balancing, dual-wheeled robotic scooter fashion doll teaching girls to code.


Zipes speed pipes– Speed Pipes is the first ever toy where vehicles speed through pipes instead of on top of tracks. R/C.


So there you have it. A great year shaping up in the toy market but remember, it’s always the kids that decide what will be the big winners. That’s why we plan, research but listen everyday to our customer–kids!!  See you in the store.

Rick (Toyman)


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