This is what your child thinks of V-Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner! You and I know what Valentine’s Day is all about. But does your child understand Valentine’s Day?
Studies show that most kids think of Valentine’s day as a great time to get chocolates and toys. (We both know, I’m all about the toys.)
This can be an exceptional time for teaching the importance of Valentine’s Day.
What makes Valentine’s day so important is the core values that we teach our children. We want to teach them how to appreciate the ones they love, respect themselves, and respect others.
“How do we do this?” you might ask. Easy!
We lead by example.
Treat your child how they should treat others and how others should treat them!
Have you ever seen that video of the father taking his little girl on a date? (It is so adorable, if you haven’t seen it, click here). He did it to teach her how a man should respect her one day.
The Best First Date
Maybe we can all come up with a similar exercize that would teach to our children these values and be very fun!
Hope this gives you some great V-Day ideas!
Stop on by sometime to talk Richard. We would love to have you!
Your friend
-Rick the Toy Man

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