Santa’s 3 tips for buying the best toys this 2018 Holiday Season


Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone. Now it is time to start counting down the days until Christmas and get into the full Holiday Spirit! If your child has been nice this year(aren’t they all) then it is time to consider what kind of gift Santa might want to bring! The only problem is that for parents, it takes a lot more than a good set of cookies and milk to know what kind of gift to get your child. Luckily, Santa filled us in on his 3 tips for buying the best toys this 2018 holiday season and we are going to share them with you!

YouTube is where it’s at

Believe it or not, our children are being advertised to just about as much as adults are. The children are the toy companies target market, and the toy companies usually control what is trending. Sit down with your child and watch a video with them. Pay attention to the commercials to find out what your child might want. They will most likely tell you with their body language (or verbally). Also, does your child need some skill strengthening? Toys can help build those skills from fine motor to tactile to repetition and enhanced learning. Ask for help in a good local toy store.

Remember Last Year’s Top Toys (and that were played with)

Toy trends are one of the fastest changing trends around. Playgrounds are a major indicator of what is hot. Toy manufacturers and local stores know this. They are constantly changing their toy inventory to capture the attention of your young one. As a parent, you might not recognize the new toys from the old ones! No need to worry. If you get stumped, recall the toys that were popular the year prior that you purchased. Go to your local toy store and ask about this product and they will more than likely know what you are talking about. Then one of two things will happen.

  1. They will show you the new version of that same toy that is selling well.
  2. They will lead you to another toy that is trending and similar to that old toy.

Be Cautious to Buy Hot Toys Online closer to Christmas

Buying online can seem like a good idea at first. However, as soon as the major toy retailers(WalMart, Target and Amazon) are sold out or finish with their allocation, resellers pop up and start to raise prices. They may seem like a good deal as they bundle several mediocre toys with the one hot toy. Just recognize and know who you are buying from as it might not be one of the big 3. Some resellers are very good, others, well the word gouge may be appropriate.

Santa knows best! Good luck with finding the perfect toy this Holiday season. And I know a store (hint hint Learning Express Toys) who has a great team of Elves, over 4000 toys all in a great local store location to give you that holiday experience. Kids are young once, make it special.



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